Cabinets for drying and ventilating of working and protective clothing type SSO

Drying cabinets type SSO

Drying cabinets

Drying cabinets

Drying cabinets are used as equipment for organizations operating on an ongoing basis - regardless of the season and atmospheric conditions. They are used for drying and ventilating of working clothing used at employees' performing of everyday professional activities, in particular when works are performed outside.

Rain and humidity make: working, protective clothing, as well as uniforms and boots in need of changing, and therefore - drying. This applies to, in particular, people working at various field structures and in the field, especially people performing supervisory, controlling and maintenance works - emergency and overhaul brigades performing repairs of electrical tractions, power lines, railway lines, roads, teams operating on an ongoing basis: at airports, guard posts, fire brigade stations, where contact with water reservoirs is frequent - pools, sluices, shipyards etc., where the natural weather and environmental conditions result in damping of working clothing or its excessive absorption of unpleasant and hazardous odors (e.g. in galvanization stations).
After finishing everyday work, working clothing, gloves, boots subjected to the process of drying and ventilating may be used once again.

Type Dimension (mm) Power
Fan Static press.
V -m3
(amount of clothes)* 
B G H Ø Power W m3/h
1. SSO- 60
600 600
1825 100
1,5 46 240 64 1 57 0,58
2. SSO- 80
800 600
1825 100
2,0 46 240 64 2 66 0,77
3. SSO-100
1000 600
1825 100
2,0 46 240 64 2 76 1,00
* assumed average thickness of a men's jacket

Drying cabinet type SSO: industry and services: construction, repair, maintenance of: roads, bridges, electrical traction, railway and tram traction, airports, border guard stations, fire brigade, mining, work in coolers, mixed applications - drying of clothing and heating of employee cloakrooms
Recreational facilities for winter sports: vacation lodges, refuges, hotels, SPA hotels.


Anti-corrosion protections
- the designed cabinet is used for drying of working and protective clothing as well as ventilation. As the result of the cabinet's operation, water vapor is produced, which is in turn discharged outside of the cabinet (no condensate is created). The cabinet is to serve its user for many years, it operates in difficult conditions, the cabinet's assemblies cannot be susceptible to humidity and its structure - to accelerated corrosion. Therefore, unlike other cabinets, our cabinet has double anti-corrosion protections: they are made of zinc-coated steel metal sheet, and then they are electrostatically painted.


Cabinet design - self-supporting, made of sheet steel, galvanized; painted, welded; double doors with lock. Attachments of the cabinet - made of steel.


We set the cabinet on an even surface, we do check out the level on the ground, we do mount spiro-pipe into the ventilation grille and then we connect the cabinet to a 230V socket.


Heating and ventilation unit and the controller of work is located at the top of the ceiling of the cabinet; This protects against accidental damage and is also safe for the user of the cabin.

When you turn on the cabinet to work, air is drawn through the turbine-fan from the immediate environment through openings in the cover of ceiling and then the air is being pushed into an electric heater. The heated air is directed - with high speed -downwards towards the floor, and then is reflecting back from the floor upwards. This drying process works on the content which is to be dried not only from the top, but also from the very bottom; turbulent air flow penetrates into every possible nook and cranny of the charge which is to get dried.

At the same time the separation of the air occurs in the cabinet. Portion of the air is directed outwards - by the way the moisture is being outputted from the cabinet to the ventilation duct - and the remaining part of the air is re-introduced into circulation. The turbulent flow of air causes, that the drying process is precise and relatively short (and therefore economical).


Electronic intuitive controller for programming of: time, temperature; humidity indicator.

Electronic controller type IZOTERMA - BZ 2

Electronic controller

Controller description

  1. Switching the heating ON
  2. Switching the fan ON
  3. Turning off the cabinet
  4. Setting time every 15 minutes up to 8 hours.
  5. Display: time and temperature - programmed and actual
  6. Setting temperature from 10 °C to 50 °C
  7. The humidity indicator and the exhaust air temperature


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