Heating organist and choir

Ogrzewanie organisty

Heating the organist and choir is determined by the place and the time spent (by people - organist) in the chorus place. Following factors affect the choice of heating equipment: construction of the choir - architecture: floor flat, amphitheatre, benches fixed OR portable, surface area, the ability to move by people, aesthetics, safety, the position of the instrument (organ).

The pictures show ways of installing radiant heating plates: mobile stand, railings of choir. The stand is height-adjustable and allows you to mount the plate vertically or horizontally. In certain embodiments the heating plates are used arranged on the floor. Movable stand with radiant panel to heating: of organist, people standing, etc. Heating plates mounted on the railings of the choir.

Ogrzewanie chóru

Heating of the choir

Ruchomy stojak z płytą grzewczą do ogrzewania np. organisty

Heating of the organist, people standing, etc. with heating panel installed
on a movable stand

Ogrzewanie chóru, płyty zamontowane na ściance balustrady

Heating of the choir with heating panels mounted on the railings wall

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