Heating of presbyterium

presbyterium heating

There are churches, in which the inside temperature is close to 0°. This applies to direct zones, where the priest conducts services. The sacrificial table (mensa), especially when it is made of stone, emits a piercing coldness and the water in the liturgical vessels (ampoules) freezes. To eliminate these disadvantages ZPUG IZOTERMA designed a reliable heating method of the mensa and of the ampoules. Now we can heat the mensa by using thin heating lining (which is placed under the table cloth) with a thickness of about 3 mm, width (B) of 520 mm and length according to the order. The heat released from the heating lining creates a barrier against the cold emitted from the mensa, which causes that the priest does not feel coldness anymore. Both the heating lining for mensa and the heating plate under the ampoules are connected to and powered by the existing 230 V outlet.

In order to warm the floor space, in which we stand or sit, we put a platform heater or a heating carpet on it. They are used for local heating of feet of a person standing on the device or forheating of the whole body of the person. Similarly, the heating strips – which are mounted to the wall – give back their heat perpendicularly to their surafce, thus heating the feet of a seated person. The altar, pulpits, actual place of conducting the service, place of the altar boys.

altar heating
pulpit heating

place of leading the service heating

Actual place of leading the service
altar boys heating

Place of the altar boys

heating lining
The Heating Lining
The Heating Lining is a thin mat with a thickness of approx. 3 mm, a width of 520 mm and a length according to the order; capacity of 300 W/m2, with power cord L = 2 m, with plug and switch, power supply 230 V.

The Heating Plate

The Heating Plate is a heating device with overall dimensions 25 x 250 x 330 [mm], made of painted aluminium sheet, with capacity of 45 watts, with power cord L = 2.0 m, with plug and switch; power supply 230 V.
Operation of the unit within one hour will generate the cost 0.01 euro of energy consumption.

Platform Heater
The Platform Heater is a device of a size according to the customer order and thickness of 32 mm. The Platform Heater is made of aluminium, of wooden strips and non-slip vinyl lining; the device has a heating power of 550 W/m2, power cord L = 3.0 m, two power ranges, and a digital timer of weekly working hours.
Operation of the device of a surface of 1 m2 within one hour will generate the cost 0,06 euro of energy con­sumption at maximum capacity.

The Heating Carpet
The Heating Carpet is a device with dimensions of: A) 600 x 700 [mm] and the heating power of 98 W and a size of B) 600 x 1000 [mm] and heating power of 135 W – made of carpet lining; The device is equipped with the power cord L = 2.0 m, has two power ranges, digital timer of weekly working time. Operation of this device of a surface of 1 m2 within one hour will generate the cost 0.03 euro of energy consumption.

Assumption: 1 kWh = 0,15 euro

Heating Strips
B = 160 x L mm

Heating strip is a device of width B = 160 mm and length according to customer order, made of painted steel sheet; the back side of the device has an electrical junction box to connect the power supply and brackets for handles, which are fastened to the wall by expansion plugs (dowels). Heating strips may be connected in a line; power supply = 230 V.

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