Heating the sacristy

Contrary to appearances, heating the sacristy is not a simple matter. THE Space OF sacristy, in the regard of architecture and construction, is very diverse. Both in the old temple and modern buildings of a church the height of the room, arches and vaults hinder the incorporation of proper heating. They are often damp. One thing that is common to the sacristy are wall surfaces, which at the height of human functioning are occupied by different kinds of furnishings and equipment; This causes, it is impossible to mount on the floor standing radiators.

In sacristies can we meet convection heaters or battery-heaters; however they are uneconomical. One solution is infra-red ceramic heater (type IR IZOTERMA), which is hung on the wall. It does not occupy much place and provides instant heat at the time of turning on THUS creating comfort FOR PEOPLE being in the sacristy.

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